Settings (Premium)

Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Invoices to manage invoice setting's.

Invoice Settings

Attach to order email

To attach invoice on WooCommerce email you find Attach to checkboxs settings. These are emails of default WooCommerce. Just select them which you want to choose for attach invoice PDF.

Attach to Settings

Paper Size

You can change paper size on invoice settings. There are only 2-types of paper size available to choose. One is A4 and other is Letter.

A4 is the default paper size.

Paper size Settings

A4 Size invoice preview :

A4 size invoice

Letter Size invoice preview :

Letter size invoice

Invoice preview & Download column

To allow preview & download button on Admin orders column. You need to checked custom column enabled.

Custom column Settings

After enabled this option, You'll get preview & download invoice button on orders table (Admin).

Invoice column orders

Display invoice button (Front)

Choose when customer can download / preview invoice from MyAccount Orders.

Display invoice front setting

Settings (premium version)

After installing premium version of this plugin , you'll get extra new tab on settings called Invoice Pro. Here you'll find some extra settings related to premium plugin.

Invoice pro settings tab

Generate Invoice

Choose type of generate invoice. Default is Automatically which action has defined on next setting. If you want to disable automatic invoice generation. set it to Manually.

Generate invoice setting

SSN & VAT number support

To support SSN & VAT feature. You need to enable this from settings. By default this feature is disabled.

Vat/SSN setting

_billing_ssn_number and _billing_vat_number order-meta are used to store SSN & VAT number.

Customize customer details column

You can customize invoice customer column section from settings.

Customer details setting

Use the order-meta metakeys as placeholders within double curly brackets, for example _billing_first_name for showing the order billing first name.

Available order-meta keys (billing) :

_billing_first_nameCustomer Billing First Name
_billing_last_nameCustomer Billing Last Name
_billing_companyCustomer Billing Company
_billing_emailCustomer Billing Email
_billing_phoneCustomer Billing Phone Number
_billing_address_1Customer Billing address 1
_billing_address_2Customer Billing address 2
_billing_countryCustomer Billing Country
_billing_cityCustomer Billing City
_billing_stateCustomer Billing State
_billing_postcodeCustomer Billing PostCode
_billing_ssn_numberCustomer Billing SSN Number
_billing_vat_numberCustomer Billing VAT Number

Customize shipping details column

Below the Customer invoice details setting, You'll find a setting called Shipping details where you can customize shipping details column as same as Customize customer details column.

Available order-meta keys (shipping) :

_shipping_first_nameCustomer Shipping First Name
_shipping_last_nameCustomer Shipping Last Name
_shipping_companyCustomer Shipping Company
_shipping_emailCustomer Shipping Email
_shipping_phoneCustomer Shipping Phone Number
_shipping_address_1Customer Shipping address 1
_shipping_address_2Customer Shipping address 2
_shipping_countryCustomer Shipping Country
_shipping_cityCustomer Shipping City
_shipping_stateCustomer Shipping State
_shipping_postcodeCustomer Shipping PostCode


We've added 2-premium templates.

Template setting

  1. MinimalisticMinimalistic
  2. Deep GrayDeep Gray