Subscription for WooCommerce

Subscription for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Subscription: Subscription Plugin for WooCommerce Automatic Subscription, Add Product Variety and Subscription Renewal

WooCommerce Subscription allows you to offer a versatile subscription service to your users. From recurring profit collection to renewal/ withdrawal or cancellation of existing subscription plans, everything is possible with this WooCommerce extension. It is a solution for different business strategies. From hotel reservations to booking online classes or other OTT platforms, it’s just one installation away. Thus, helping you to carry out all the subscription features in your regular day-to-day services.

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For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries

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$ 49.99/year


For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries

single site license only
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For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries

3-sites license only
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For most businesses that want to otpimize web queries

Unlimited sites license
All premium features included
Updates for 1 Year
Priority Email Support

Convert Regular Product to Subscription Products

WooCommerce Subscription allows you to convert any regular products to subscription products. All you have to do is issue a subscription label to any regular products. The selected products will then be added as subscription products in the WooCommerce subscription list.

Variable product Support

You can make subcription based variations for variable products. Just check the Subscription checkbox on specific variation tab. Then you can see some extra fields related to subscription.

To create any variable products, you have to use our premium version, WooCommerce Subscription Pro. These products will be categorized as normal subscription products without any variation in our free version.

Let Customers Enjoy Their First Free Trial

With WooCommerce Subscription, you can offer your customers the first free trial. Inspire them to sign up and enjoy the free benefits of your subscription product or service. You can also control the trial frequency as the admin of WooCommerce Subscription.

Once the trial period is over, WooCommerce Subscription will automatically activate the recurring payments based upon the customer’s authorization.

Full Control Over Subscription Panel

Subscriptions for WooCommerce offer you full control over the entire subscription management program. Both users and admin panels enjoy the freedom of unlimited customization to their subscription panel.

Admin can cancel/ withdraw/ manually renew subscription accounts while bringing major changes to the subscription system. Meanwhile, users can switch their shipping address, add new payment methods, or hold their subscription account.

Compatible With Different Payment Gateways

WooCommerce subscription is compatible with almost all the available gateway plugins for WooCommerce. Starting from WooEpay, WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway (premium feature), and WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway, the WooCommerce Subscription plugin is compatible with some other WooCommerce gateways as well.

You can also request any personalized payment gateways to our official support forum.

Automate Your Subscription Plans

WooCommerce Subscription promotes an automated subscription service for the customers. When customers subscribe to your product using their email address, this WooCommerce extension will send them a renewal notification when it is time for payment.

Whenever a subscription ID is canceled or expires or there is an upselling subscription plan, customers will receive notifications as well.

Cancel Your/ Customer’s Subscription Anytime Anywhere

Not only admins but using WooCommerce Subscription, customers can also cancel their subscription plan anytime. This is the flexibility of WooCommerce Subscription that both customers and plugin users can enjoy. You can also stop the following recurring payments with some simple steps.


If you are not satisfied with our products, you will receive a 100% refund for any reason.